Welding Driving Guidance

Welding Driving Guidance

Welding is an interesting and diverse career choice that usually starts with a quality education. Learn more with our resources page.

The art of welding can be traced back to ancient times. The first recorded instance of solid phase welding occurred in 3000 BC. Depictions of brazing have been found in wall paintings inside a Thebes' tomb in 1475 BC. In 1846, James Nasmyth made the first improvements in forge welding in 3000 years with his development of convex forge welding. This was followed by the discovery of resistance welding in 1856 and electric welding in 1860.

Nearly everything used in one's daily life has been welded, including automobiles, subways, airplanes, coffee pots, and other appliances. Welding processes are employed in the construction of buildings, railroads, bridges, and buildings.

Opportunities will be best for those with formal training, and that's where WeldingSchools.com can be of assistance. Helpful articles on choosing a program, specialties, and career outlooks, as well as comprehensive listings of programs throughout the country, are available to help the budding welder take the first step into this exciting industry.

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